In blues we carry

pride and professionalism......


through the waves...... with brave and valor......

Recent News

Our responsibility to the community

  • Salvage Operations

    Navy salvages Helicopter Debris from Chalai Seas

    Divers of the Sri Lanka Navy salvaged the debris of a helicopter in the seas 01 nautical mile east of Chalai.

  • Rescue Operations

    Navy rescues 02 Fishermen stranded in the Western Seas

    Naval patrol craft P 474 attached to the Western Naval Command rescued 02 fishermen stranded in the rough seas off Bambalapitiya due to prevailing bad weather condition on 22nd August 2014.

  • Public Relations Activities

    North Western Naval Command conducts a field health clinic

    As part of the Navy’s Community Development Project, the North Western Naval Command conducted a field health clinic at the Roman Catholic Church of Lady of Our Assumption in Mullikulum on 10th August 2014.


Local and Foreign Tenders

A Logistic Monitoring Cell has been established at the Naval Headquarters....

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