Underwater humanitarian assistance by Sri Lanka Navy Divers

Assistance of Navy Divers was rendered under the leadership of LCdr (CDO) DMRE Dissanayaka to recover a body of an elderly male person drowned in the deep well today (24), widely known as bottomless well in Nilavarai, Jaffna.

This deep well is a very unique and historical water resource that attract local and foreign tourists in large numbers almost every day throughout the year. The SLN Divers used a high tech remotely operated underwater vehicle fitted with underwater camera for primary investigation in order to inspect the condition of the bottom and to locate the body.

Having dived down to a depth of 52 m (170 feet) in the narrow bottom of the deep well the body of the deceased was located finally at a depth of 40m (131 Feet) resting on a projected rock with fouled debris  such as roots, branches and polythene. Subsequently 02 divers were sent down to depth of 40m (131 Feet) to bring the body to the surface. This humanitarian endeavour is the First underwater operation of such kind carried out by the SLN divers successfully in a deep well.