Volunteer Naval Force
The Sri Lanka Volunteer Naval Force is the main arm of the Sri Lanka Navy in the civilian sphere with Naval Training vigilant in readiness to provide the required assistance in the form of expertise and man power in times of national urgency and distress.
Sri Lanka Volunteer Naval Force comprises of Officers and sailors of all the branches in Sri Lanka Navy as indicated in the extra ordinary Gazette notification of No.656/25 dated 02nd April 1991.
To pursue in the accomplishment of the envisaged goals of the Sri Lanka Navy of protecting and safeguarding the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the nation through determination and concerted efforts of the Sri Lanka Volunteer Naval Force.
To supplement and to provide the Regular Naval Force with the required assistance in the execution of the role and tasks of the Navy drawing expertise from diverse fields in the civilian strata.

VNF personnel not on active service are required to participate in the weekend camps held once a month and annual camps concluded with Commander of the Navy’s inspection.

The Volunteer Naval Force Headquarters is conducting following training programs in view to update knowledge and skills of Volunteer Naval Force personnel who are not mobilized.
    -    Weekend Training Camp - on every 03rd weekend of each month.
    -    Annual Training Camp - in the month of September or each year.