Twenty four naval officers received their graduation at the 42nd convocation of the University of Kelaniya held at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) on the 13th December 2007.

The naval officers from the Naval and Maritime Academy (NMA), Trincomalee, received their Bachelor’s Degree in Naval Studies from the Chancellor of the Kelaniya University. The graduand officers belonged to the Bachelor of Naval Studies Degree Programme Intake 3 of the NMA.

The Academy has a Cadet Entry Degree Programme accredited to the University of Kelaniya. Naval officer trainees have the privilege to be conferred with a Bachelor’s Degree in Naval Studies in Maritime Warfare, Land Warfare and Logistic Management upon the successful completion of their officer training at the academy.

Located in Trincomalee, the capital of the Eastern Province in Sri Lanka, the Naval and Maritime Academy is committed to produce fully fledged naval officers. Officer trainees are inculcated in naval value system, officer qualities and military discipline. Founded on the motto, “The Disciplined are the Noblest of men”, the academy was awarded the Presidential Colours on the 13th December 2003 in recognition of its immense contribution to the country and academic excellence from its inception in 1967.