Ro Plant Construction Project

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant project has been commenced with the intension of providing purified safe drinking water to community under Naval Social Responsibility (NSR) Project with the concept of the Commander of the Navy in the year 2015. Subsequently, the Excellency the President of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka recognised the Naval Social Responsibility (NSR) Project as a national project and established the Presidential Task Force for prevention of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Thereafter, the responsibilities of the Presidential Task Force for prevention of chronic kidney disease were entrusted to the Ministry of Health & Indigenous Medical services on 06th December 2019.

RO technology has proven to be a successful water purification method worldwide, but the importation and installation of reverse osmosis plants would impose a significant financial burden to the country. In response to this dilemma, the Sri Lankan Navy developed an affordable RO plant, under the guidance and initiative of the Commander of the Navy as a research and development project.

Clean drinking water has become a critical remedy for combating the alarming rise of severe kidney disease in 13 districts across the island. However, communities residing in remote areas, particularly in Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa districts, faced significant challenges in accessing clean water. This gave rise to a pressing social issue, leading to widespread illness and even loss of lives.

Since the opening of the first Reverse Osmosis plant at Kadawathrambewa in Medawachchiya Divisional Secretariat in December 2015, the Sri Lanka Navy, supported by local and foreign investors, has successfully established over 960 reverse osmosis plants for public consumption. Additionally, the Navy has developed mobile emergency machines to address drinking water needs in emergency situations, ensuring clean water supply to affected areas. Furthermore, over 20 Nos cost effective medical grade Reverse Osmosis plants for dialysis have been installed in renal disease preventive care units at prominent hospitals in Sri Lanka, meeting the stringent standards of the International Medical Equipment Development Association of Sri Lanka. As per the Ministry of Health CKD unit database, the number of Kidney patients in Sri Lanka have been drastically reduced since, the project commence.

ro plant

Sri Lanka Navy's RO plant construction workshop, located in Welisara, assumes responsibility not only for the installation of these countermeasures but also empowering repair/maintenance of respective RO plants through allocating well trained operators and special repair team around the clock.

The current government and the Sri Lanka Navy are dedicated to continuing and expanding this project for the betterment of the people. Individuals who wish to contribute to this noble cause can coordinate with the Sri Lanka Navy or Ministry of Health and actively participate in the project's growth. The Naval Social Responsibility Projects of Sri Lanka Navy represents a shining example of how innovative solutions can be devised and implemented to address pressing societal challenges, ensuring the availability of clean drinking water for the well-being of all Sri Lankans.

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