Thalassemia Infusion System

Thalassemia is an inherited blood disease. Thalassemia is the most common genetic disease in Sri Lanka. Treatment for Thalassemia often involves regular blood transfusions. If some patient receives blood transfusions, he should not take iron supplements. Doing so can cause a high amount of iron to build up in the body, which can be harmful. Persons who receive significant numbers of blood transfusions need a treatment to remove excess iron from the body. Therefore we use an Infusion system to give medicine (Deferoxamine injection) to remove excess iron from the body. An Infusion system is a miniaturized machine which is used to inject fluids medicine in predefined smaller rates of injection (e.g. 0.1ml – 10ml per hour).

The aim of this project is to fabricate an infusion system locally and provide to Thalassemia patients at free of charge.

As a result of long term research carried out by SLN Research & Development Unit Sri Lankans are fortunate to have manufactured this Thalassemia Infusion System at a low cost and given to the relevant patients free of charge. The unit cost of an imported Infusion system will be LKR 75,000.00 – 100,000.00. But Sri Lanka Navy developed this infusion system locally as low cost as LKR 9,000.00.

Sri Lanka Navy received the National award for the best Medium Scale Manufacturer of the year in Sri Lanka in 2012 from IESL for the production of Thalassemia Infusion System. As well as in year 2011, SL Navy obtained the certificate for the production of Thalassemia Infusion Systems from CDDA (Cosmetics Devices & Drugs Regulatory Authority).

As a naval social responsibility project, since year 2011 Sri Lanka Navy manufactured and donated 2774 No’s Thalassemia Infusion Systems among Thalassemia patients. This project is funded by Naval Social Responsibility (NSR) fund. In addition to manufacturing Thalassemia Infusion Systems, SL Navy Research & Development Unit is also engaged in a silent service dedicated to carry out responsible repairs of those machines.

Sri Lanka Navy has been manufacturing Thalassemia Infusion Systems since 2011 and donating them to Thalassemia patients. As a result, the suppliers of Thalassemia Infusion Systems in Sri Lankan market are no longer available. Due to this situation and the national requirement, Sri Lanka Navy has taken on the responsibility of producing Thalassemia Infusion Systems consistently. By doing this project approximately LKR 250 million, has been saved from leaving the country.

Features of the Infusion System

  • Injection of 10ml during 10 hours. (Adjustable according to the requirements)
  • Indication of low battery level
  • Motor low/over speed indicator
  • Automatic shutdown in failures and Ultra Low idle Current
  • Rigid construction.
  • Rechargeable Battery (optional).
  • Compact & light weight.
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