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                                                             2.      The Sri Lanka  maritime domain
                                                             connects the world's nations with largest
            1.     Ratifying     the    United      Nations
                                                             populations,  ASEAN nations which fastest
            Convention for the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS),
                                                             growing  economics, and nations  with  the
            the Sri Lanka Government by default waisted
                                                             most natural  resources. The great  economic
            responsibility to maintain a peaceful maritime
                                                             competition among  these nations creates a
            environment from the Territorial Sea up
                                                             huge demand which is transferred either  by
            to the Continental  Shelf. The  government’s
                                                             air or  sea extends  through the geographical
            much of the responsibility  is automatically
                                                             boundary of Sri Lanka. Hence protecting SLOC
            transferred to the Sri Lanka  Navy (SLN),
                                                             ensures the country as well  as global  peace,
            which accordingly navy narrates it’s mission
                                                             stability, prosperity, and development.
            statement as “To maintain, train and equip a
            combat-ready naval force capable of achieving  3.        Due    to   the   country's    strategic
            National Security Objectives and safeguard Sri  geopolitical position, we handle and sometime
            Lanka’s Maritime Interests whilst  nurturing  only monitor other nations' logistics, starting
            a  stable  environment  at  sea”. Therefore, SLN  from their  basic requirement  to the strategic
            put  extensive efforts 24x7  to achieve this  requirement. This  may include nuclear  and
            extremely difficult task. The efforts are focused  radiation material, and biological or chemical
            on traditional  and  non-traditional  threats  in  components, which  are extremely harmful to
            our maritime environment. However, our lack  living organisms and their negative outcomes
            of interest and prediction,  cultural norms and  may sustain for generations. Further, the
            the non-traditional  threats keep us always  competitive economic  environment within
            delayed  in response  to the non-traditional  the region  has  developed  more  strategic
            threats which finally gives great damage to the  ways of transferring  the said materials and
            maritime environment, the country's economy,  components such as the use of commercial
            and finally to the world economy.                vessels for military purposes, the use of more
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